Midway Church of Christ

10408 Highway 6, Hitchcock, TX 77563

Phone: (409) 925-6114

Fax: (409) 925-0517

Email: midwaychurch@hotmail.com

Sunday Service

Those Priviledged to Serve

November 2, 2014

Announcements: Johnny Roberts

Song Leader:  Kendal McLaughlin

Prayers: Edward McLenna and Gary Freeze


*Joe Carothers, Wayne Hodge, Austin Young, Brandon Strait

Scripture Reading: Roney McCrary, Isaiah 6: 1-3

SERMON: Minister, Russell McLaughlin, "More of God, Less of Me"

Greeters: Jerry and Lidia Cleveland

Pick Up Cards: Trevor Mitchell

    Evening Services

Song Leader: Edward McLenna

Prayers: Bill Raygor and Fritz Barnett

Communion: Joe Carothers